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Hi, my name is Kym Bryant and I have been working with animals as long as I can remember. I’ve been a professional pet groomer for over 20 years and have seen it all. I have worked in many types of jobs dealing with all kinds of animals. From pet stores to horse farms, vet technicians to working at professional kennels, that’s where I learned how to groom. I loved it so much that after a couple of years of grooming and having so much fun with making these puppies look great and customers loving me for it, I decided to go to grooming school to become certified. I graduated in 1990 from the Pedigree Career Institute for Pet Grooming in Lynn, MA, where I obtained a certification for 'professional show grooming and pet maintenance'.
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In 1994 I opened my first grooming shop in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Thus “Happy Pups Grooming” was born. 1 year later I bought another grooming shop in Manchester, NH and ran both. Having owned and operated my own pet grooming business from a commercial storefront for many years, I personally experienced the stresses that you hear of. Many dogs become highly stressed in those ‘assembly line’ pet grooming shops with large numbers of animals coming and going. The “TLC” is hard to come by these days and pet owners themselves also experience a degree of stress when its time to make that visit to the pet groomer. It is agreed that stressed animals are more likely to lose appetite, become ill and even get nippy with their owners.